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We’ve prepared user-friendly guides that offer our singular take on data collection, analysis, working with evaluators, and implementing social-emotional strategies.


Creative Ways to Solicit Youth Input: A Hands-On Guide for Youth Practitioners

Non-traditional methods for getting kids’ input, including visual, verbal, and kinesthetic approaches. View Tool


Get More from Your Data! – Three Steps to Success

Three step method to help make meaning from your data. View Tool


Dabbling in the Data: A Hands-On Guide to Participatory Data Analysis

Fifteen team-based activities to promote meaningful conversations about data. View Tool


Strategies to Promote Non-Cognitive Skills: A Guide for Educators and Youth Developers

In-depth review of 16 curricula and programs that help young people build social and academic skills. View Tool


Your RFP for Evaluation Services is Terrible! You Can Fix It

Practical advice about how to write a request for proposals that yields high-quality responses. View Tool


Coffee Break Webinars

Guides and resources from all of Public Profit's Coffee Break Webinars – presentations in 30 minutes or less. View Tool