Creative Ways to Solicit Feedback

Creative Ways provides step-by-step guidance on 15 different approaches, organized into three sections: visual, kinesthetic, and verbal. Based on our prior publication that was focused more on youth audiences, Creative Ways offers hands-on input strategies that work for folks of any age.

Survey fatigue was getting the best of our clients.

Many mission-driven organizations get buried under a seemingly bottomless pile of surveys. Different funders and collaborators commonly require separate surveys, leading to widespread survey fatigue for participants and staff. And get this: that’s not the only problem. Survey results rarely tell the whole story, and they leave few opportunities for clients to provide practical suggestions on how services may further improve and yield meaningful results.

Many quality improvement trainings either ignore data interpretations or offer limited guidance about how to dig into the data. This means that whoever speaks up first sets the agenda for the group—hardly a rigorous or fruitful process.

Creative Ways helps you dig deeper while keeping clients and collaborators engaged.

We collected our favorite non-traditional ways to solicit input from like selfie stations, candy surveys, and collages, and put them into one place. These approaches allow for more substantive back-and-forth between you and your stakeholders, and are designed for settings where traditional approaches aren’t the right fit.

Make sure to download our new quick start guides that offer practical advice on using the Creative Ways methods in different settings.

Check out these participatory strategies to keep kids engaged and sharing.

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Developed with museums, cultural institutions, and community events in mind. Get input without breaking your visitors’ stride.

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When you want to get feedback in an authentic way, but your travel budget is tight. Adaptations to our favorite Creative Ways methods.

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Engage your stakeholders in ways that make them feel comfortable and inclusive to share.

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