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Assessment and Planning Tool for STEM in Expanded Learning Programs

pdf STEM Program Planning Tool Links

Collaboration and partnerships between expanded learning programs, the core instructional day, business and industry, and higher education represent the power to exponentially increase quality STEM learning opportunities for California’s youth. 

The purpose of this Program Planning Tool is to:  

Assess your existing STEM learning opportunities and assets

Determine where you are on the OST program STEM pathway and identify next steps to move along the pathway. 

Develop your STEM program plan.

By completing this Program Plan, you and your organization will be furthering your commitment to helping young people engage in STEM learning. 


The Power of Discovery: STEM2 seeks to increase the quantity and quality of STEM programs across California. Public Profit partnered with the California AfterSchool Network (CAN)—the host of the Power of Discovery initiative—to create a STEM readiness tool for out-of-school time programs. The readiness tool synthesizes the major lessons learned from the initiative into a practitioner-friendly tool.


The Question: How can programs better implement STEM?

CAN wanted to help after-school communities implement STEM, including those communities that had STEM-related activities already in place and those that were just beginning STEM-related activities. CAN had developed a planning tool early in the initiative, but wished to streamline it and make it more universally usable in the out-of-school time field.


The Process: Creating a novel approach—self-assessment and program planning in one

Public Profit joined forces with CAN to create a comprehensive tool that blends self-assessment with program planning, allowing after-school communities to identify their stage of development and clarify the next steps to enhance quality. The guide provides links to useful resources tailored to meet the needs of out-of-school time professionals at any stage in their STEM development.


The Outcome: Out-of-school time professionals empowered to enhance their practice

Out-of-school time professionals can use this tool to determine the stage in their STEM cycle and to gain access to resources to assist in the strengthening and progression of STEM in their program. CAN has helped to strengthen the field by adding a valuable resource available to all.

California AfterSchool Network

The California AfterSchool Network’s (CAN) purpose is to promote quality in expanded learning programs. Utilizing its unique and effective leadership and committee structure, CAN is a convener of the field, able to facilitate a two-way flow of information between the field and State and National policymakers where the needs and thoughts of the expanded learning field at all levels can influence and inform policy and policy is translated into practice. Ultimately CAN believes that these efforts will bring greater coherence and professionalism to the field.