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Strengthening Data Culture at St. Anthony’s Foundation


For more than 60 years, St. Anthony’s Dining Room has served meals to San Franciscans living in poverty. The St. Anthony’s Dining Room Survey is an essential part of the organization’s evaluation strategy. Public Profit helped St. Anthony’s to administer a Dining Room Survey and enhance its data analysis capacity.


The Question: How can structures already in place be improved?

The results of the St. Anthony’s Dining Room Survey are used for grants and promotional materials and to guide program improvement. St. Anthony’s had two goals in mind. First, it wanted to strengthen the survey administration process. Second, it endeavored to commemorate the 20th year of the Dining Room Survey by featuring survey results in an interactive, data-rich report that illustrates the evolution of the Dining Room program.

The Process: Building internal capacity through trainings

Public Profit worked closely with St. Anthony’s internal evaluation staff in designing services that best addressed their goals through a sequence of coaching and training sessions. We advised St. Anthony’s staff on best practices survey methodology and assisted in re-designing the Dining Room Survey.

We also provided two hands-on training sessions: Data Informed Program Improvement and Building Blocks of Data Visualization. The sessions included hands-on activities designed for gaining fluency with making meaning of data and communicating the results to stakeholders, by learning to craft and build out the data stories.

Finally, we worked in collaboration with St. Anthony’s staff to create a set of visually appealing and interactive survey reports using Tableau.


The Outcome: Confidence going forward

St. Anthony’s is now empowered to explore and utilize its data. The organization realizes the value embodied in its data and is also able to recognize what tools and information it needs to move forward. In addition, St. Anthony’s has developed a data story it can share with the broader community.

Check out St. Anthony's dashboard!

St. Anthony’s Foundation

St. Anthony’s is an organization providing essential support to San Franciscans living in poverty. They are committed to providing the poor of San Francisco with basic needs and services as a gateway to reclaiming their sense of dignity and progressing toward stability.