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Replication Guide and Training for Deep Mentoring Program

pdf Replication Guide and Training for Deep Mentoring Program

Eisenhower Foundation has developed a Deep Mentoring Model that marshals people and resources to provide advocacy and intercession; enhanced accessibility; and crisis identification and response. In addition, this model demands a long-term commitment to young people in the program. Using this guide, program coordinators will have the tools they need to train a corps of mentors in the Eisenhower Foundation Deep Mentoring Model. 


The Quantum Opportunities Program, a project of the Eisenhower Foundation, is an intensive mentoring program for older youth recently replicated in Chicago. The program serves youth at risk, providing counseling, education, development activities, and community service opportunities over two years. It was recognized by the My Brother’s Keeper initiative in its 2016 What Works Showcase.

Public Profit developed the Deep Mentoring Training Guide used to train program mentors, creating a robust toolkit for the national replication of the Quantum Opportunities model.


The Question: How can the Quantum Opportunities Program provide high quality on-boarding and training to its mentors in different settings?

The Eisenhower Foundation has deep experience in identifying and replicating promising anti-violence program models. They sought a partner to help them replicate the program while simultaneously using an evaluative frame to better understand the essential components of the program and subsequently develop a training sequence for bringing on new mentors.


The Process: Taking it in, Writing it Down, Identifying Gaps

Public Profit immersed itself into the Quantum Opportunities Program, rigorously engaging with stakeholders to understand what their existing processes looked like and what gaps still remained and figuring out how to address them.

It was clear that a one-size-fits-all training would not work for the different Quantum sites across the nation; the programs were in different places and contexts, with slightly different implementation designs. All signs pointed to developing a training guide that clarified the most important aspects of the program model in a clear way.

The Outcome: More than 50 youth workers across the nation trained using the Deep Mentoring Guide

Public Profit initially trained mentor supervisors from seven cities across the country, and recently trained a group of mentors in Chicago as they began to replicate the program.  By thoroughly capturing the program model and developing a training sequence, the Eisenhower Foundation can continue to replicate its program model to be effective in new locations.


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