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People Are Saying

The Public Profit staff was informative, clear about expectations, and friendly. The trainings provided me with valuable information that I could take back to our staff. [Their] asset-based approach is much appreciated. Overall, the process helped to make our program stronger, safer, and more fun!

After School Program Site Supervisor

Our evaluator continues to be a valuable resource to our organization, providing professional evaluations of our programs. The data she collects and interprets informs not only our internal business decisions, but fulfills the requirements of our funders.

Bay Area Community Resources |

Public Profit is the ideal consultant to work with. They keep us informed as to the progress of the project and consistently complete the work either on time or early.

California Afterschool Network

Public Profit understands performance measurement and management—the process of producing bits of information and converting them to performance feedback— more clearly than most evaluation organizations. Public Profit is a highly responsible firm that, while small, has a great reputation for keeping their commitments and meeting their client’s needs.

David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality |
Executive Director

On all projects, Public Profit has demonstrated an accurate understanding of our needs, a high level of responsiveness, excellent follow-through and useful, high-quality end products.

First Five San Francisco

Our evaluator's commitment, facility with data, sheer hard work, and unflagging good humor are inspiring. We count ourselves lucky to have contracted with her and hope to continue working with her for a long time.

National Equity Project

Our evaluator quickly got up to speed on the concepts and strategies of this fairly complex initiative in a challenging urban school environment and soon became a true and highly valued thought partner. 

National Equity Project

Public Profit is an incredible resource for any agency looking to develop meaningful evaluation tools and make sense of data…The quality of their product and process is outstanding.

Oakland Fund for Children and Youth |
Department of Children Youth and their Families

Brilliant and approachable– a combination not often found in evaluators!

S.H. Cowell Foundation |
Program Officer

Our Public Profit evaluator took the time to ask lots of questions about what we needed; how the project was set up; the roles of the various staff; and how the three agencies [involved in the evaluation study] worked together. Our evaluator really examined our organizational culture so she could best understand how to proceed with the evaluation activities. She checked in often for understanding and agreement; and re-visited those things that needed to be ‘tweaked.’ She not only welcomed our feedback, but actively and sincerely encouraged it.

Special Needs Inclusion Project