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Evaluations of Citywide Networks of After-School Programs

pdf 2016-17 SF ExCEL After School Programs Evaluation Report


Public Profit evaluates citywide networks of school-based after-school programs around the Bay Area, including schools in Oakland, West Contra Costa County, and San Francisco. Encompassing more than 200 program sites serving 45,000 youth annually, our evaluations inform action at the city, county, and school level.


The Question: How can after-school programs benefit youth and families?

School-based clients reach out to Public Profit as an expert, accessible, and interactive thought partner with which they can work to gather information about their after-school programs and ways to improve quality.


The Process: Using robust data to tell the after-school story

Public Profit uses its extensive experience with quantitative and qualitative data to explore the extent to which school-based after-school programs are engaging youth in high-quality experiences that, as research shows, lead to positive outcomes. We employ nationally recognized observation rubrics for on-site observations of programs. We weave these observations with survey data, participation information, and academic data to create site- and city-level summaries of program performance and benefits to youth and families.


The Outcome: Data used to inform continuous quality improvement

Our district-level partners incorporate our findings into their ongoing continuous quality improvement efforts, leveraging the data we collect to make informed decisions about staffing, training, and coaching. Site-level staff use the information we collect to inform their on-site quality improvement processes.

As a result, our clients at the district and site level have a deeper understanding of the quality of their programs, routes to improvement, and benefits for their youth. They also use our findings to explain their work to others in their districts, as well as to those outside their organization.

Oakland School–Based After School Partnership

 In 2015-16 the Oakland School–Based After School Partnership funded 82 programs serving over 18,000 youth across Oakland.  The Partnership, formed in 2004, is a collaboration between Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) and the Oakland Unified School District’s After School Programs Office (ASPO) that supports comprehensive school-based after-school programs. Together, the School-Based Partners dedicate over $18 million to programs, which includes over $2.5 million garnered from sources such as in-kind donations, philanthropic grants, and contract and service agreements with local agencies. With this investment, the Partnership aims to provide equitable access to high quality after school programs that help children to be engaged and succeeding in school, college and career ready, and physically and emotionally well.


West Contra Costa Unified School District Expanded Learning Office

 School-based After School Programs are supported by the WCCUSD Expanded Learning Office. Publically-funded After School Programs operate in 28 schools throughout West Contra Costa Unified School District, including 24 elementary schools (grades K-6) and 4 middle schools (grades 7-8). All of the After School Programs on WCCUSD campuses receive funding through the After School Education and Safety (ASES) grant program administered by the California Department of Education (CDE) and through the 21st Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) federal grant program also administered by CDE. The After School Programs focus on improving children and families’ well-being by supporting the development of their physical, social-emotional, and academic skills.


San Francisco ExCEL

 San Francisco ExCEL is the after school programs office of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), and is responsible for administering and monitoring federal and state funding for school-based after school programs and for aligning programming with district goals for student success. The ExCEL after school programs office is part of the SFUSD Student, Family, and Community Support Department (SFCSD). In the 2015-16 school year, 25 community-based organizations operated ExCEL programs in 91 schools throughout San Francisco. This included 61 programs that served elementary-aged youth, 20 that served grades 6-8, and 16 that served high school youth (some schools, such as K-8 schools, serve more than one grade level). San Francisco ExCEL seeks to increase student achievement and pro-social student behaviors through comprehensive after school programs which are open to all students at the school site for low or no cost.