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Program Evaluation

Our program evaluations address clients’ mission-critical questions that help them take quality to the next level.

Work with Public Profit when you want to:

  • Demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of your program or service.
  • Test emerging approaches to find what works, when, and for whom.
  • Incorporate high-quality information into continuous quality improvement efforts.
  • Measure the effectiveness of groups of grant-funded programs.


Training and Capacity Building

Our training and capacity-building partnerships run the gamut from one-time workshop and multi-session professional learning communities to ongoing coaching services for teams.

Work with Public Profit when you want to:

  • Build your team’s ability to collect, manage, and analyze data.
  • Learn hands-on ways to engage your team with evaluation findings.
  • Consolidate multiple data collection activities into a seamless whole.
  • Launch a stellar continuous quality improvement process.

View the list of workshops we provide.


Data Visualization

At Public Profit, we love to help our clients tell their story. We use leading-edge data analysis and visualization techniques to illuminate and inspire action.

Work with Public Profit when you want to:

  • Create visually rich data summaries for clients and funders.
  • Map community assets and needs.
  • Prepare data summaries for multiple program sites.
  • Equip your team with interactive data dashboards.