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Coffee Break Webinars

This page contains links to all of Public Profit's Coffee Break Webinars – presentations in 30 minutes or less!



Guides that provide practical advice that will help organizations make informed decisions about implementing or participating in a professional learning community (PLC). View


Quality in OST

Quality is the hinge between youth participation in programs and youth outcomes. Discover critical ways to bridge the gap between research and your practice. View


Dabbling in the Data

Teams are being asked to use data more often, but it can be overwhelming. Master fun, participatory ways to get your team engaged in making meaning out of your data. View


Training and Replication

Lots of high performing mission-driven organizations want to replicate their program offerings to serve even more folks. Learn about creating training and replication manuals that people will actually use. View


Needs Assessment Essentials

Needs assessments are useful for strategic planning, fundraising and coalition building. They can be time-consuming and frustrating, too! Learn our pro tips to leverage high quality, free data to jumpstart your needs assessment. View


Continuous Learning

Mission-driven organizations, including nonprofits, schools, and governments, seek to improve their quality through continuous learning. Yet it can be tough to know where to start. This session will share useful tools and processes to engage your team in meaningful continuous learning. View


Striving for Rigor

How to balance the need for rigor in evaluation with the practical realities of serving the community? In this session, we'll share how Public Profit has learned to incorporate rigor into program evaluations without breaking the bank or requiring oodles of additional paperwork from staff. View